{ our vision }

We envision an

authentic community 

being renewed by the

power of the gospel.


we remove our masks and avoid any kind of veneer on our lives


an organically growing counter-culture that sees each other as extended family


we’re works in progress and joyfully expect to continue growing


going beyond just head knowledge, we seek to personally experience and be increasingly changed by the power of the gospel

power of the gospel:

the multifaceted gospel—the center of the Bible’s story—is used by the Holy Spirit as the power of God for renewal


{ our mission }

It is our mission to develop disciples who 

learn, love, live, and lead like Jesus.


God's truth and how to live by it


what God loves


in service to Christ, each other and the world


others through the cycle


{ our values }

We will carry out our vision and mission by placing these values at the heart of our ministry.

We will carry out our vision and mission by placing 

these values at the heart of our ministry.

gospel centering

We center ourselves on the gospel for personal and cultural renewal.

reaching the heart through the head

We believe that loving what Jesus loves starts with seeing the world the way He does.

undivided living

We expect gospel-centered growth in every area of our lives to empower us as informal missionaries in our families, communities, and vocations.


We resolve conflicts—in our church and all our relationships—in a biblical, God-honoring way.

strengthening stewardship

We commit to fostering a healthy church environment by using God-honoring systems to be good stewards of our people and resources.

outward facing

We welcome skeptics by taking their questions seriously and fostering an environment of relaxed reverence, free from Christian jargon.

   8300 kanis road

sundays   pm


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